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The Project

The wine

Abruzzo. Wine which is given by this marvelous territory seems to have particular characteristics and several sensorial facets. Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is the Prince which reaches its top expression in Devas. Montepulciano d’Abruzzo’s versatility is possible also in the Cerasuolo version, preserving the excellency of its original vine. The Pecorino has very ancient origins in this territory, it absorbs all its essence. The Pinot Grigio and the Chardonnay are the last ones entering our region but their results are superlative

The bottle

Our wine’s excellency is bound in a symbiotic manner with the purity and elegance of the materials used to make the welcoming packaging.


The best master glassmakers in the world in Murano make each bottle for the Devas, blowing carefully with their mouths the boluses, transforming them into gorgeous glass enclosures which contour gently the divine nectar.


"Who you really are is reflected into gold”. Just this noble material can reflect the importance and exclusivity that each bottle of Devas transfers to whom looks at it.


Every gold plate is engraved by hand into its heart by one of the best master’s in the world who donates to its masterpiece a unique and immortal contribution to make the bottle a timeless work of Art.


The best natural diamonds enter to be part of the Devas world after a careful and severe selection, allowing each noble bottle to be recognizable at a glance.


The closure of each Devas bottle is done by hand and when you decide to taste the precious nectar it is sufficient to pull the elegant pendant and access the cork which encloses the experience of years of history.


The wonderful “8” is the maximum expression of elegance and exclusiveness of Devas. This configuration is for only 10 bottles where the glassmakers of Murano’s knowledge combines the dexterity of the engraver, wrapping with a harmonious gold plate and the whole helps to embrace a marvelous natural pure diamond 8 carat weigh.


Each detail is taken care to express the beauty of the shapes which are transferred from the bottle to its comfortable and sinuous housing, designed to exalt the diamond heart illuminating it in the dark with a little touch.


The packaging is the expression of Unique Art, totally realised in precious ebony of the highest quality and handcrafted by ebonist experts which make a piece of wood an Eternal piece of Art.


The smooth and devastating lines of the wooden box are enriched by a gold delicate insertion which exalts the typical lines of the Devas.